Selected Cases

A selection of published decisions for cases in which Anton has appeared.

  • Marial v R [2016] NSWCCA 234 – appeared for the applicant in an appeal against severity of sentence
  • R v Dong, Matur; R v Marial; R v Dong, Ayuok; R v Mathiang [2016] NSWCCA 195 – appeared for the second respondent on a Crown appeal against inadequacy of sentence
  • Shepherd v Nestoriadis [2015] NSWSC 348 – appeared for the appellant, challenging orders made in the Local Court requiring her to provide a forensic sample, on the basis she was an untested former offender (with David O’Neil of counsel)
  • Smith v Commissioner of Police & NSW Fair Trading [2014] NSWCATAD 184 – appeared for the appellant in a challenge to the decision of Fair Trading to revoke the applicant’s tattoo parlour licence
  • Sawant & Karanth [2014] FamCAFC 235 (Full Court of the Family Court) – appeared for the appellant in a parenting appeal to the Full Court, arguing that before acting on allegations of violence, the trial judge ought to have been satisfied of the truth of the allegations to the Briginshaw standard
  • Research Affiliates v Commissioner of Patents [2014] FCAFC 150 – appeared for the Commissioner arguing that a claimed business method patent was not a patentable subject matter (junior to David Catterns SC and Christian Dimitriadis SC)
  • R v Gittany [2013] NSWSC 1737 – assisted the accused in a high profile judge-only trial, dealing with an allegation that the accused had thrown his girlfriend off the balcony of their apartment (reading with Philip Strickland SC)