Legal Research Online

Below is a list of resources that can be used to make online legal research, such as looking for journal articles and cases, a bit less time consuming.


Law journals and reports often throw up unfamiliar abbreviations you’re not sure what BPR is, or Qd R for example, you can use the Cardiff Index to Legal Abbreviations to find it.

Case Reports

Knowing whether to look at LexisNexis or Westlaw to find case reports can be a bit hit and miss, so here’s my list:

Abbreviation Full Name  Publisher Coverage
 CLR  Commonwealth Law Reports*  1903
 Tas R  Tasmanian Reports*  1992-
 NSWLR  NSW Law Reports*  1972-
 VR  Victorian Reports*  1957-
 Qd R Queensland Reports*  1974-
 SASR  South Australian State Reports*  1971-
 A Crim R  Australian Criminal Reports  1979-
 FCR  Federal Court Reports*  1984-
 ALJR  Australian Law Journal Reports  2002-
 ALR  Australian Law Reports  1973-
 AAR  Administrative Appeals Reports  2003-
 LGERA  Local Government and
Environment Reports
 MVR  Motor Vehicle Reports  1983-
 ER  English Reports  1220-1873
* Reporters marked with a star are the authorised reports and should be used in preference to other sources.

Effective Searching

Researching the case history

You can use various tools to get a quick view of the cases upon which a particular decision relies, or how the case has been subsequently treated using various tools. For this I recommend either:


Journal Articles